ULI inflatable Stand Up Paddle Surf Board

Here’s some info about my ULI inflatable Stand Up Paddle Surf Board

My first Stand Up Paddling session was in the summer of 2009 on a rented Nais 11′. I was hooked right from the start and wanted to be able to go paddle when and where I wanted – so I needed to get myself my own board. I live in Switzerland which is a land-locked country at least 6 hours drive from the meditteranean sea. I live about 1o minutes to the lake of Zurich by car. Switzerland is a small country and most people – ike myself –  live in flats and don’t own property. So storage in small basements is also an issue. Storing and transporting a 11′ board did just not seem feasable.

Of course I also wanted to surf in the sea and hopefully catch some waves which meant transporting on the roof of my car or in a plane. As we are a family and have loads of luggage to take on vacation the idea of additionally lugging a huge board around did not seem that cool.

Then I heard about the ULI surf boards in San Diego. I thought it was a fantastic concept – but could it work? I had my doubts but the pics and videos on the ULI website sure seemed convincing.

Eventually I could no longer resist and ordered the 10′ SUP ‚Steamroller‘ surf board – and what is the verdict?


ULI 10' SUP Board

The Carribean? Nope quite a bit closer. „Es Trenc“ beach in Majorca.  October 2009  Water temp 25°C

This board is gread for flat water paddling. The board is extremely stiff and is easily packable in a large duffle bag. We had absolutely no problems checking in at the airport. No questions asked, no overweight, no oversize luggage, no dings!